In a nutshell, it works like this: you find a service with single mail order brides, then you find foreign bride, that’s all. But as usual, there are lots of nuances and factors that must be considered, and there are hundreds of bad international bride services. We’re going to help you deal with this problem.

Here, we will talk about what is a mail order bride. You’ll also find a guide on how Bestsinglesbrides website work, we’ll tell you about our priorities, and of course, you will also find some real reviews from our happy customers. And the main thing, of course — thousands of ladies who are ready to date a foreign guy. Let’s start!

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Why are these ladies searching for a foreign man?

If you’re looking for a bride dating site, there is a question you probably ask yourself. This question is why do millions of beautiful and exotic women want to find a man from the USA? Like, is there a hidden problem or something like that? Maybe, all those single brides simply want to find an ATM or to get a green card?

Well, no. Everything is simple — they want to find a husband abroad because they just want to find a better man and life. They usually come from poor regions with a bad socio-economic situation — so it makes lots of sense that they want to try something else. Something better. The same is about their desire to marry American men — they believe that men from the developed Western countries are better, that they know when to listen and when to talk, that they can trust these men, and that these men are more empathetic.

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Why you should use mail order bride sites?

Cause they are worth it! A decent dating site for marriage (if it’s really good, safe, and real) is literally the best way to find a foreign lady. It’s not the only one, but it’s the best one. Let’s be more detailed about that.

The point is: if you are going to find a wife or at least a lady who prefers serious relationship, you must try one of the top marriage websites we’ve gathered here. Such sites won’t work for you only in case you are looking for a hookup — because the audience of these services is usually focused on more serious things. Of course, Tinder and some other special services can work well, too — but the problem is that the average female Tinder user (we’re talking about the popular mail bride countries) doesn’t want anything serious. In short, you’ll be able to get a hookup without any problems, especially considering the fact you are a foreigner, but don’t expect to find your future wife in Tinder. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works in these regions.

Of course, there are some other things you can do. Like, you can just go to Brazil/China/the Philippines, find a girl, and pick her up. If you’re a billionaire who knows Portuguese/Chinese/Tagalog well, why not?

So, let’s make it clear: if you’re looking for a safe and well-functioning method to find foreign women brides, such services are what you need.

How can we help? is a dating website, which means you will find lots of brides for marriage here. If you are tired of bad, fake, and too expensive services, we can help you, the same way we’ve already helped hundreds of Western men. How?

Sign up and you’ll see — there are thousands of real ladies here, and they all want to date an American. You don’t need to search for a good service anymore — because our website is exactly what you’re looking for. BestSinglesBrides is one of the best dating sites for marriage — it’s protected, reputable, and cheap. Sign up (it’s free!) and find a wife online — it has never been easier!

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Mission and priorities of

Everything is very simple actually: the main mission of Bestsinglesbrides is to provide our clients with the best experience possible. We believe that if a man wants to find the best mail order bride service, he doesn’t have to waste time/money. We believe that you shouldn’t spend hours to find a decent site — and that’s why we created BestSinglesBrides.

Our corporate values

We are committed to improving our services. We believe that our clients must get the best experience possible — so we always do our best to be better. Does it sound cliche? Well, let it be.

We are 100% consumer-focused. We don’t just have thousands of real ladies here — no, we always update our website, remove fake profiles, and do everything to make sure that our customers are happy.

We believe that price is important. We don’t know if BestSinglesBrides is really the best online dating site for marriage or not, but it’s definitely one of the best international dating services — not least because of our reasonable prices.

We test everything. It’s our philosophy — we believe that it would be irresponsible to offer the services without testing them. That’s why our experts double-check everything before adding a new feature or service. We believe that it’s all about excellence — that’s why we give attention to every detail and give you only the best.

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When we say that we are one of the best and safest dating sites, it’s not just words. Hundreds of our readers have already found love using our database — and we are sure that you can easily become one of them. Read these two short internet dating success stories from our real customers and you’ll see that it’s really simple as that!

Erik Minchew, 34

I’ve tried 5 or 6 foreign bride sites and I was totally disappointed. One of them was completely fake, the others were either too expensive or just not good enough. has helped me — I met 3 ladies from this site, so it looks like they do know how it’s done. Can definitely recommend it!

Richard P. Grant, 56

This dating service is just great! I haven’t ever tried dating sites, but I had no problems with Bestsinglebrides. It has reasonable prices, and the girls are real… Well, I’ve only met real women, no fakes. Bestsinglesbrides is great, that’s a fact.

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